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Testimonials of sympathy

Poem by Nicole Lierre -  12.XII.2015

------All  rights reserved  Bruno Bianchi .------



What door will you let me in

To penetrate into your work your purpose to break through

You always take the trouble to present three

Do you intend to lead me astray on the path of your art


Three sisters at the same time one and so particular

Invite to dive into the light and shade

Three sesames three opportunities why

To let the senses trust their faith


Symptomatic enigmatic triptychs

Of the perfect completion lie authentic

Breathe in this great mad desire to approach

To touch eternity from the earth


It is the rock trace of modern man

From the impression that sprang from the earth's bark

To the imagination seized by astral force

He confronts the inaccessible on his canvas

Drawing by Pierre Beaufils - 08.III.2019


Public Writer. Avignon  - 09.VII.2018

Very original  gift, from friends, for my birthday.


Photos of Marwana -  01.VI.2013

In the company of the sculptor

Jean-François Maubert.

In the company of the sculptor

Richard Stobienia.

Surprise  by Daniel Rodriguez from Toledo,

tourist  Spanish,

passing through Bracieux,  and designer!

Atelier Bruno Bianchi.jpg

Lior (8 ans), un soir, est arrivé avec ses parents et sa soeur aînée dans l'atelier.
Nous avons très sympathiquement parlé... Il m'a offert ce bien joli dessin.
Merci à toi, Lior !

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