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Bruno Bianchi, painter
  Certified quotation - Akoun / Artmajeur
  Artist represented by the ERYA Association
      The artistic and cultural network 
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100% self-taught.


To be as objective as possible, I have "MA" technique and not "LA" technique.

It's up to you to (come) and see ... 


     Painter of a certain abstraction, and only Bruno Bianchi, after 40 years of professional musical experience, after 7 years of some work on himself, understood, one day, that he was more a visual than a sound… it was about time! This is why, for the past ten years, he has been painting.

       If any (r) teaching is always good to take, to understand, to resume ... his life is characterized, knowingly / consciously / unconsciously /  by a relative and characteristic autodidaxy

"Omnigerent". Freedom of thought, as of action, are his flagship words. Self-discipline and loneliness are two of the paths he takes, with undisguised happiness, in trying to achieve fulfillment.

        The uncompromising introspection of Me allows Self, with its advancing age, to be a little more who it should be. Only being, by having been, allows one to become.

Artistic approach

        "The action of time on matter" ... a micro and / or macroscopic vision offers a poetic and unique world, of a particle of oxide. Heaped up, a relief takes shape, its outlines let us glimpse what has been ... it's up to us to let ourselves be seduced by what is and will be.

      Oil, acrylic, colored inks and other substances not listed ... brushes, rags, knives and other tools not listed ... are used. Everything is possible within a "self-decided" limit.

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